Moris Topaz, Israel

Moris Topaz, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Topaz received his M.D. Degree from The Ben Gurion University in 1982. He completed his residency in Plastic Surgery at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center.  In 1990 he served as a Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine.  Dr. Topaz holds Diplomas in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, B.Sc. in Chemistry, Master Degree Cum Laude and Ph.D.

Dr. Topaz has served as the Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera where he performed reconstructive surgery for almost 30 years. He has lectured at the Post Graduate School of Medicine, was a Senior Visiting Lecturer in the Chemistry Department at Bar Ilan University. Dr. Topaz served as the Secretary-General of IQUAM (The International Committee for Quality Assurance, Medical Technologies, and Devices in Plastic Surgery). He is Founder and Chairperson of IBIR (the International Breast Implant Registry), and a member of several international plastics, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery associations. Dr. Topaz serves as a Visiting Professor in numerous university hospitals in China and globally. Recently, Dr. Topaz was appointed the Academic Director of the Continuing Medical Education program for China and the Asian region by the Magid Institute of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Based on his extensive clinical and scientific experience Dr. Topaz has developed and introduced a novel wound healing devices & technologies. The TopClosure® Tension Relief System (TRS), an innovative, ground-breaking technology intended for management of simple and complex wounds for civilian, military and mass-casualty injury applications. Based on original basic science and vast clinical experience, he has revolutionized the conventional wound treatment, enabling Regulated, Oxygen-enriched & Irrigation, Negative Pressure-assisted Wound Treatment (ROI-NPT). The unique combination of TRS and ROI-NPT was introduced, changing the standards of wound care in multiple indications in medicine being affordable globally.